Hotel Achentalerhof

Hiking without luggage

from May till October
On the Eagles trail through the Karwendel mountain range


Spring in the Mountains

The snowy tops of the mountains are glowing in the sunlight, until the flowers down in the valley are having one of the first highlights. The meadows are glowing yellow by the dandelions and blue by the gentians. The chamoises are lured by the mellow-green grass.  

Enjoin the lonely silence around our region with 5 guided hikes by Gerti, Franz or Markus Waldhart.

The package-price is per person for 7 nights included half board plus local tax, included the usual benefits of the Achentalerhof and five guided, "flowerfull" hikes.

Package price person
DR Karwendel/Rofan
€ 490,00
DR Achensee
€ 525,00
DR Christlum/Seekar
€ 560,00
Single room
€ 560,00

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