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SAPEMO - SANITAS PER MOTUM – healthy through movement

SAPEMO certified health programme

''Do something good for your health while on holiday!''
An effective aimed body programme lies in your hand: Regular exercise is not only good against serious illnesses such as a heart attack or stroke, it also keeps your body active and mobile into old age, saves medicine, acts against high blood-pressure, Diabetics, over-weight, depression and even against Alzheimer disease. One sleeps better, is in a better mood and one feels all round better!


The so called risk factors (over-weight, high blood-pressure, high sugar level, high cholesterol level, smoker and unhealthy eating habits) will be reduced! As the AMAS research proves perfectly aimed training at or over 1500m above sea-level has a positive effect on all these so-called risk factors.


Fit in your holiday: no set numbers of participants, individual diagnose, supervised training, nutritional guidance, active morning programme ''Do-In'', wellbeing and massage offers, free-of-charge hiking equipment plus pulse-watch, culinary support – ''Healthy Corner'' at breakfast and at the evening meal - ''Healthy and Vital'' menu.

General, sport and manual medicine

Dr. Waldhart´s Surgery

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