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The summer in the Achensee Region – simply unforgettable!

Tyrol's larges lake and it´s picturesque villages – the ideal venue for your summer holidays! Tyrol's Sport and Vital Park is not only for familieshikers or runners, here is the ideal location for water sport enthusiasts, nature-lovers, people seeking adventure or simply peace.


The infrastructure speaks for itself:

The healthy mountain

The mountains have been - for hundreds of years, the favourite spot for holiday-makers, however, they also have a very sufficient effect on our health. It plays an important role in our lung function, metabolism, and blood circulation and is also a place to simply regenerate. More than ever, today people are re-discovering the emphasis of very basic things and the environment plays a large role! Allergies and our affluent way of life can cause great problems and again getting back to nature and enjoying the simple beauty and peacefulness that the mountains and valleys can give are becoming more and more popular.


Allergies (things that can bring about the out-break) it is known that over 1.000m above sea-level that there is less concentration and complexity existing, the cause of certain illnesses, for example, at this altitude are commonly unknown.


In an AMAS research in 2000, it clearly showed that after 4-5 pulse regulated hikes per week at an altitude of between 1.500 and 2.000 m above sea-level that the level of blood pressure sinks. The metabolism becomes stabile and the red blood-cells increase and the quality of sleep improves.


The mountains are certainly not a sport apparatus, but we want to accept their origin, their natural beauty, the flora and fauna to feel them in all our senses. At the same time, we have the opportunity in hiking and walking to train our muscles, strengthen our circulation and improve our respiratory system.

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