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Relax and well-doing massages

Relaxation with massages inclusive in the Hotel AchentalerhofRelaxing in the modern Vital area in the Hotel Achentalerhof

From Monday to Sunday our highly qualified masseur, Elfi offers you time to relax in the Achensee Region. Apart from that, once a week Elfi will show you how to ''Do-In'' or Aqua-gymnastic- the active way to start the day!

We recommend that you book your massage as you book your holiday with us. Otherwise you can book the previous day, either with Elfi or at the reception.




These classic massages help both the body and mind. By many massages the muscles loosen and the blood circulation improves, promotes the natural skin function and the Lymph system.
Time: 50min. € 59, - or 25min. € 34,-



… a sport massage, build-up before a sporting event or to loosen the muscles up after a sporting event, to enhance the blood circulation in the muscles, for the abduction of body crum and fatigue.
Time: 25min. € 34,-



The foot is the mirror of our entire body and in these reflex zones the body organs, lymph and nervous system can be stimulated or calmed, also blockages or stowage’s can be loosened. With help of this massage even head-aches can be cured, digestive troubles, sleeplessness and stress complaints soothed.
Time: 50min. € 59, - or 25min. € 34,-




This is a gentle massage with soft and flowing movements, removing waste products at a cellular level and assists with bringing nutrients and oxygen to the cells. The Lymph drainage is painless and therefore, excellent after an operation or accident (bruises). It also helps by swollen and tired legs.
Time: 60min. € 69,-



This is a lovely soothing and relaxing face, head and neck-massage. Through various different massage techniques, sooths-out tension and has a very harmonizing effect.
Time: 45min. € 59,-



… This is a full-body massage with warm and precious aroma oils. Harmony for body, spirit and soul! Good for the body's nervous and defense system.

Time: 40min. + 10min. Rest € 64, -



Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork based on the theoretical frame work of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Finger pressure is the Shiatsu technique and includes massages with fingers, thumbs, and palms, assisted stretching; and joint manipulation and mobilization.
Shiatsu is a special Art of Massage: Energy circles the body through a network of canals (Meridians). ''Ki'' or ''Chi''(Energy) brought back into the body.
Please wear comfortable clothes!
Time: 60min. € 69,-

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