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Dr. Thomas Waldhart, Susanne Neuhauser and its Staff

Holidays in the Hotel AchentalerhofTyrolean Speciality, exclusive wine … Holiday for body and mind

The Hotel is now in its 3rd Generation. Since 1971 the Hotel has been run by this family and ensures continuity and sustainability.


Our Staff are the important bridge between the hotel and its guest. They portray an immense role in the running of the Hotel; with friendliness, team-spirit, flexibility, open-minded, awareness and acknowledgement to our guests and their individual needs. It is our wish that the contact to our guest is personal, reliable and professional.

Every member of our Staff is your Host:

Our Staff will be at your service at all times throughout your stay in the Achentalerhof and are personally keen to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We are proud to say that most of our Staff is from the village and we endeavour to promote and encourage them in every way we can. A healthy hotel climate is awarding to both Staff and Guest!


Our aim is to impress our guests and to do this we must have a dedicated Staff who have expert knowledge and really enjoy doing the job.



Would you like to become a member of our Team? You can obtain all the necessary information regarding vacant situations in our Hotel, simply by clicking the following Link:

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